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Alliance Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Alliance Manufacturing Pte Ltd is a sugar blending company. It produces its own range of beverage blends, and also tailors formulas for beverage and confectionary customers. With a production facility that houses eight 100 metric ton (MT) silos, the factory is designed to have a production capacity of 4 MT/hr of dry blends. The company plans to service Southeast Asian, East Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Set up as a subsidiary of Everwell Group in year 2011, Alliance Manufacturing is able to tap on networks of raw material suppliers and logistic partners to achieve both efficiency and flexibility in production. In addition, its strategic location at the heart of the fastest growing regions has the company poised to meet the demands of diverse groups of customers.


Custom dry blending

OEM of dry powder products

Sugar Repacking

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Singapore 639045

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Tel: +65 6861 7128

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